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High Payload Autonomous Mobile Robots

Built from the Ground Up

AutoGuide creates the industry’s only complete solution for autonomously moving heavy payloads. From the modular truck to the management software — the entire system is created by AutoGuide. This ensures that every part of your AutoGuide solution has been built from the ground up to work together.

The Fastest ROI in the Industry

By developing the entire technology stack, AutoGuide provides an industry leading 18-24 month return on investment. Our modular system uses the same truck for all applications, so the AutoGuide forklift you’re using today, can be turned into to a heavy payload tugger by simply affixing a tugger load frame.

Designed for Your Environment

Not sure how AutoGuide solutions will work in your facility? Our experienced team of sales engineers will create a simulation showing your entire ecosystem, including mobile robots and other integrated equipment. See the impact of altering a path, adding or removing vehicles, changing the number of pickup and drop off spots, and more. 

Modular Solutions for Material Handling

Max-NPS Pallet Stacker

The Max-NPS Pallet Stacker is an automated counterbalanced lift truck that can automatically pick and place pallets.


MAX-N15 Mobile Robot Tugger

The Max-N15 Tugger is an automated tow vehicle that transports a train of trailers from point to point within industrial facilities.






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