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Move Your Critical Shipments from Stock to Dock, with Autonomous Tuggers and Forklifts

AutoGuide is ready to help you get your products to market with robots in stock, and our technicians are ready to safely and effectively deploy your solution. In a few days, you can be up and running and moving your critical shipments.

Let’s get started.

Fast deployment keeps your fulfillment on track

Up and Running in Days

With on-hand inventory ready to deploy, our team will deliver, install and have your AMRs operational in days.

Operates with Your Team

AutoGuide AMRs are collaborative. So they work with your team to free them up to perform value-added tasks.

Supports Your Local Economy

AutoGuide solutions are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and made to help keep people working.

Today a Tugger. Tomorrow a Pallet Stacker.

Only AutoGuide solutions are completely modular, so they meet your needs today and tomorrow. If you need to move a heavy payload from point A to point B, AutoGuide has a solution for you.


Max-NPS Pallet Stacker

The Max-NPS Pallet Stacker is an automated counterbalanced lift truck that can automatically pick and place pallets.


MAX-N15 Mobile Robot Tugger

The Max-N15 Tugger is an automated tow vehicle that transports a train of trailers from point to point within industrial facilities.






Let AutoGuide help you get your critical shipments off your shelves and onto your shipping dock