With AutoGuide Mobile ASRS, what used to be
automatic and heavy is now autonomous and light.

AutoGuide Launches Mobile ASRS and MAX-N High Bay

AutoGuide has announced a cost-effective, more flexible option for storage and retrieval. AutoGuide’s autonomous storage and retrieval system, Mobile ASRS, with the MAX-N High Bay forklift, provides the benefit of automation without changes to existing racking systems, pallets, or software systems. Delivering the functionality of traditional ASRS at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Press Conference

It’s time for ASRS to be untethered, autonomous and accessible for all.

Hear AutoGuide President & CEO, Rob Sullivan, discuss AutoGuide's new Mobile ASRS and MAX-N High Bay forklift.

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AutoGuide Mobile ASRS

AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay

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AutoGuide at RIA Robotics Week

A virtual conference on the future of robotics and automation.

Wednesday, September 9
3:00pm ET | Virtual Room 1

How Mobile Robots Make Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Accessible to All
Rob Sullivan, President & CEO, AutoGuide

Thursday, September 10
1:00pm ET | Virtual Room 2

 Logistics and Warehousing: Use Cases for Robotics
Panel presentation including Rob Sullivan, President & CEO, AutoGuide

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